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About Us

What we offer?

The Artisan Olive Oil Company specialises in selecting and distributing some of the world’s best extra virgin olive oil. We use chemical and sensory analysis and follow the most respected international competitions and awards to identify excellent olive oils. We seek to provide our customers with the highest level of traceability and information to help them find the ideal premium olive oils for them. This includes profiles for tastes and aromas, food pairings and information about our artisans, as well as resources to learn more about premium olive oils.


Our customers

Our business customers include fine food shops, retailers, department stores and restaurants. We support them with regular information about our suppliers, provenance, quality evolution, rankings as well as in-store tastings. We also assist restaurants, hotels and food service companies in selecting the most suitable olive oils for their needs, whether labelled or private label. We distribute our products in the UK and Europe



Our suppliers include the winners of the most prestigious olive oil competitions such as BEST OF CLASS.